Video Production

Fizzy Vortex provides a full-service video production and video content service offering a variety of video and filming services

We offer a bespoke video production service tailored to your needs

Video Editing

Fierce competition in the online video space means that creating compelling video content has become ever more important over the last decade. We take the time to understand the nature of your organisation and learn what type of content your audience expects to see from you. Using this understanding we edit visuals that help you stand out in the crowd whist staying on brand

We care about transforming your raw footage into compelling visual narratives. Our video editing team focus on technical aspects like visual storytelling, pacing, scene structure, sound editing, motion graphics and colour grading to create engaging videos that draw your viewers in

We aim for your videos to resonate deeply with your audience and leave a lasting impression

video editing service
video editing service

Conference and Event Videos

We capture your conference speaker’s wisdom and insights and turn them in to engaging informative videos and interesting news reports. A collection of conference videos can form a valuable repository of knowledge for your organisation, deployable on your company website, social media pages and at other internal or external events

Keynote speaker videos can be recorded with our multi-camera filming service to ensure every angle is captured.  The footage can be integrated with presentation slides and graphics in a helpful informative way. We aim to showcase your thought leaders and their expertise to better promote your organisations capabilities

We can make your conference videos stand out from the crowd using interesting camera angles, graphics and attention-grabbing introductions whist maintaining your professional image


Whether it’s filming real-life stories in documentary interviews tailored to capture the emotional heart of a story or information and data related conversations, interview videos can give great insight to relatable human experiences

Corporate interview videos can show your organisations passion and drive and better communicate your companies offerings. We can mix in relevant footage of your business to create an engaging behind the scenes look at what goes on to deliver your product or service and show what drives your organisation forward

Through our experience in documentary-style interviews we can create compelling visual stories. We believe in empowering story tellers as subject matter experts transforming conversations into relatable informative videos.

Let us elevate your interviews, turning them into powerful, authentic stories that leave a lasting impact.

On The Sofa with Susan Show - Fizzy Vortex Video Production


With camera technology advancing and maturing at an incredible rate, we have taken a nuanced approach to equipment selection which also considers the look and feel of the visuals you need in your end product

We have an in-house selection of multiple professional digital video cameras that we can utilise for your projects. We love technology, and always investigate and explore new products that come to market and ways to integrate them to our shoots. 

Indoor, outdoor or in the air via drones, we have in-house solutions to shoot compelling varied footage which we are itching to utilise in your video productions

Aerial Drone Footage

Our drone videography services will add an extra dimension to your video production enabling us to shoot interesting camera angles from an elevated position that are usually out of the scope of some production budgets

It’s easy to get carried away with new and exciting technologies however our experienced team remain grounded and utilises footage captured from our drones to enhance the visual stories we create, avoiding reliance on gimmicks.


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